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Farewell CRC
Farewell my friends for I must go..
This hurts me as well as you, you know
But its out of my power, I cannot stay,
And there is so much I still want to say
I will miss you all…the ups and the downs..
I want you to be happy, so please don’t frown
I will be here still until Thursday,
But after that I cannot say…
I will miss you all here in this café
But I have a few special goodbyes I must first say:
To the sweet little raii
I will return so please don’t cry
I’ll miss your hugs and our talks in the castle,
Even when things became quite a hassle
Dearest Fathom, enigmatic and true
What is your gender I haven’t a clue
You are my friend so I don’t really care
I’ll be there for you, this much I swear
Panther I know not much about you
‘cept you are a poet, words flowing true.
Your rhymes helped me to get back on my feet
And now verse to verse, our characters shall meet
There are many others whom I haven’t time to add
I really
:iconwingsintheshad0ws:WingsInTheShad0ws 5 5
Halves of a Whole III: What Lies on the Horizon?
She claims that she still wants it to work,
So somewhere within, does that bliss still lurk?
If indeed it does, then come fire or rain
He shall search to find it again.
Will the dreamer break through to her heart,
Or will all his dreams finally fall apart?
:iconwingsintheshad0ws:WingsInTheShad0ws 3 0
Halves of a Whole II: Down to Earth
Hardened little realist girl
Somewhere within your walls you curl.
Your heart takes a backseat and your mind takes the fore
Cold logic where there was bliss once before
Rose-colored glasses blind you no more,
You see things for what they truly are.
No biased thoughts, just what's for the best
as you put your emotions to the test.
You won't let yourself be set up to fail
For you already know the end of this tale
You've warned him time and time again:
One day his delusions will come to an end.
:iconwingsintheshad0ws:WingsInTheShad0ws 3 1
Halves of a Whole I: Head in the Clouds
Silly little dreamer boy
All your hopes bring you such joy
But when your dreams come crashing down
They'll take you with them, to the ground
You do not see in black and white,
but rather in a hopeful light
for if you lose sight of your hope
you do not know how you would cope
Why did you have to fall in love?
Although your heart soars high above,
You should have waited for your own sake.
When that future dies you'll surely break.
:iconwingsintheshad0ws:WingsInTheShad0ws 3 0
'A mother's love is forever'
'A mother's love is forever'
never has this been more true
For  through everything we'll still remember
All the little things you do
You help us with our struggles
You pick us up when we fall
No matter how hard it may get
You've been there through it all
Every reassuring word said
and every wound that you mend
These things shall stay with us
until the very end
:iconwingsintheshad0ws:WingsInTheShad0ws 3 0
Across the miles
Across the miles and through the years
You are still here in my heart
But my life was changed forever
The day we had to part
I thank you for these memories
The precious times we've had
And even though I miss you, Mom
I still will not be sad
Because even though it hurt to go
It brought me here today
and no matter how much I say or do
That's something  I can never repay
So even though I'm far from home,
I just want to say
You'll always be here in spirit, mom.
Happy Mother's Day
:iconwingsintheshad0ws:WingsInTheShad0ws 4 0
Fears are seeping
Still not sleeping
Soon I will have drowned
My mind, they're breaching
Hopelessness reaching
Pulling underground
As I sink under,
Wise words, they sunder
Foolish dread inside
The water splashes
My resolve flashes.
Rising, I shan't hide
Something from the fog
to lead through this bog
A fair hand takes mine
"Soon it'll all be
over, just trust me"
Her golden hair, it shines
lit by countless lights
shining in the night;
flames of kindred hearts
I shall not let go
For fear, this I know,
That when I do, we'll part
:iconwingsintheshad0ws:WingsInTheShad0ws 3 4
Winged Boy's Lament
Every day I sit alone in this cage made of gold
supposed to be wonderful, but this routine's getting old
Every time I sing on cue. My voice is growing hoarse.
I cannot take much more of this, I'll crumble in due course.
Every time my singing is not quite up to par
I cower in shame as they electrify the bars
Every time I laid alone, crying as I bled,
I knew there's hardly room for two, not even in my head.
Every time I stretch my wings, longing for the sky
they press into the metal bars and silently I cry
Thinking I'll be trapped in here until the day I die
:iconwingsintheshad0ws:WingsInTheShad0ws 3 0
Your gates are closed, I'm at the door
Curled up on this cold hard floor
With no way in, outside your walls
still will you not heed my calls?
Which one will you likely hear,
The castle's din or my silent tear?
My mask is cracking, coming undone
there's only so far I can run
Slowly falling, down and apart
I'll wait here, inside my heart
:iconwingsintheshad0ws:WingsInTheShad0ws 3 2
Fatal Ring
That fatal ring, 'tis the bell
That fateful moment when I fell
down that withered path of death
as my mind, in horror seeps
as my king, blindly he sleeps
in the dark, his final breath
For my love, come unto me
this bloody dagger I now see
Help me in this hellish deed
Meet with counterpart of steel
the foolish king, soon shall kneel
in wicked silence, alone he'll bleed
:iconwingsintheshad0ws:WingsInTheShad0ws 3 4
Lost at Sea
I stare into the windows
Through to those seas of blue
Twin oceans shining back at me
More lovely than I knew
I dive in beneath the waves
Although I can’t swim well
I’m barely managing to stay afloat
Captivated by her spell
She flashes her radiant smile
It’s all that I can see
I sink on down beneath the depths
Forever lost at sea
:iconwingsintheshad0ws:WingsInTheShad0ws 6 2
The new king upon his frozen throne
forever more he sits alone
with no more family to call his own
the silence chills him to the bone
His sister's heart was never whole
with passion lacked t'was black as coal
she left him with her frozen soul
in her mind, a single goal
"The queen is lost" or so they say
but she fights on, come what may
she'll rejoin her kin one day
or in a grave of ice she'll lay
:iconwingsintheshad0ws:WingsInTheShad0ws 1 0
Titus OC
Name: Titus
Gender: Male
Looks(wolf form): White fur like his sister, and light, icy-blue eyes . He also has some black markings and a black tip on his left ear.
Personality: energetic and curious, young Titus is always exploring and always sticking his nose somewhere it doesn’t belong. He is constantly looking for new, interesting things to discover.
Litter: Second youngest
Looks(human form): messy, dirty blond hair and the same eyes as wolf form. He has a very youthful, innocent look to him like the kind of boy who would NEVER cause trouble
Misuki- Mother,
Azorius- Father,
Lumena- little Sister,
Tairu- big brother,
Savannah- big Sister.
:iconwingsintheshad0ws:WingsInTheShad0ws 2 2
Savannah OC
Name: Savannah
Gender: Female
Looks(wolf form): Silver pelt with black “socks”, black ears, and pink streaks. She also has black ears and her mother’s pink eyes
Personality: she is a wild little ball of fluff and mischief. Sav always seems to be up to something and she often drags Titus and Lumi into her pranks and plots. Tairu is often kept busy keeping her in line but she knows when she’s gone too far. She is quick to jump to the other’s defense but is more rash than her brother in doing so.
Litter: Second oldest
Looks(human form):black hair that fades to silver at the end with pink streaks in it. She has the same eyes as her wolf form. Sharper features yet deceptively innocent looks.
Misuki- Mother,
Azorius- Father,
Lumena- little Sister,
Tairu- big brother,
Titus- little brother.
:iconwingsintheshad0ws:WingsInTheShad0ws 2 3
The wolf walks through the ruins old
The forest is dead but the tale still told
Of how man came and tore it down,
and raised their buildings from the ground
First they brought the raging flame
They called it controlled but ‘twas not tame
With disregard for all of us,
It scorched the oaks ‘till all was dust.
Then they sent the metallic beasts
Who with glowing eyes and razor teeth,
Razed the burrows and upturned the earth
And drained the lake, blind to its worth.
They constructed their homes where ours once stood
And chased us away, wanting us gone for good
Now they’ve left as quickly as they came,
Having destroyed the forest without any shame
Gradually our mother nature fights on
To reclaim what was lost; thought to be gone
Plant life breaks through layers of stone
And slowly we return to our ancestral home.
:iconwingsintheshad0ws:WingsInTheShad0ws 3 0
Sometimes I feel just like I am breaking
Just pushing on with these smiles I'm faking
Losing little pieces of me as I go
but then again what do I even know?
I feel so close to a love of my own
but I have never felt so very alone
You feel so very, very far away
I can't fix it no matter what I say
In an envelope, right there with the card
I keep every little broken shard
In hopes that when my eyes meet yours
You can finally make me whole once more
:iconwingsintheshad0ws:WingsInTheShad0ws 7 0


Reaper of Souls by PeterPrime Reaper of Souls :iconpeterprime:PeterPrime 885 56 Dress Mariposa Olive, Somnia Romantica by M. Turin by SomniaRomantica Dress Mariposa Olive, Somnia Romantica by M. Turin :iconsomniaromantica:SomniaRomantica 1,052 27 Neko Emoji-05 (Rolling) by Jerikuto Neko Emoji-05 (Rolling) :iconjerikuto:Jerikuto 452 25 My Gummy Son by Naolito My Gummy Son :iconnaolito:Naolito 1,459 80 It's Only Ketchup by AlbertoArni It's Only Ketchup :iconalbertoarni:AlbertoArni 518 21 Luxuria set 2 by BartoszCiba Luxuria set 2 :iconbartoszciba:BartoszCiba 144 3 Custom Drumsticks Donut by Bobsmade Custom Drumsticks Donut :iconbobsmade:Bobsmade 585 27 Let's Play Hide And Seek by Bobsmade Let's Play Hide And Seek :iconbobsmade:Bobsmade 3,929 235 Twitter by CuteNikeChan Twitter :iconcutenikechan:CuteNikeChan 447 97 Amadalia Moonsong (Moonlight dream) by Amadalia Amadalia Moonsong (Moonlight dream) :iconamadalia:Amadalia 710 92 Request 01 by Smartass-Day-Dreamer Request 01 :iconsmartass-day-dreamer:Smartass-Day-Dreamer 10 26 Amaura Mienshao Braixen Hex by Slugbox Amaura Mienshao Braixen Hex :iconslugbox:Slugbox 3,790 199 Reflection by xa-xa-xa Reflection :iconxa-xa-xa:xa-xa-xa 6,998 238 End Run Round 7 - Legendary Finale by arkeis-pokemon End Run Round 7 - Legendary Finale :iconarkeis-pokemon:arkeis-pokemon 156 47 Power Pair Tag Battle by arkeis-pokemon Power Pair Tag Battle :iconarkeis-pokemon:arkeis-pokemon 932 45 Just Right by PlaceboFX Just Right :iconplacebofx:PlaceboFX 680 67


Just two more weeks left...

Two weeks from now and I'll be graduating. I've already gotten everything set up for college, and I've started making plans for the summer, but it's a matter of getting there. School is starting to stress me out again, english teacher is overwhelming us, and honestly everything is getting to be a bit too much. I'm not sure how much more of all this I can take but...*sigh* Gambatte, ne? Almost there...I can do this


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KalibHime Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
LegolasPanther Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
She poised with ease and glideness ordered,
Her dignity high, and patience bordered.
With sable hair flowing as a river,
Enticing, ready to persuade its giver.
The town where thus she holdeth near,
Busy and loud with ne'er a fear.
LegolasPanther Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
In all her posture proud and free,
And readied for adventure readily.
Alita prepares with her boldness set,
Her heart (for now) Without regret.
LegolasPanther Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
*Enters center stage begun*
Alita: Ah, so now my path begins its run.
In all her fathomless beauty seen,
She strides in her steps to mean
What motives are thus in her heart,
With trickiness, her crafty art.
LegolasPanther Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
For the North Wind doth blow and gust
Not honor-bound, nor filled with trust. 
With only voices of the ice to bring, 
And with its deadly beauty challenging. 

Yet in the distance of its bitter cold, 
A soul doth hide; with heart that's bold. 
For within, a fire crackles there  
Preparing with eagerness and care. 
LegolasPanther Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Ah, my friend I do so see
Your challenge to the Panther on poetry.
For Alita is thus to be shown,
Of course, you'll know her, she's well-known!
Now Let the war of words begin,
For I am ready to start rhymin!
With all those alliterations,
And expressive personifications.

LegolasPanther Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
When you are ready thus to start, 
This poetic challenge of word art, 
Thus leave a message for me to see, 
Then the Panther will get ready. 

~The Panther 

Oh wolf there is much of me to learn, 
For in revealing it will be harder in return. 

*ambiguous panther grin*
LegolasPanther Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Then indeed my rhymer friend, 
I will agree to this challenge you extend. 
Yet be aware for styles and forms, 
Deviated by the Panther, so be warned. ;-)

~The Panther 
LegolasPanther Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
A challenge? Oh my, I see! 
For it twill truly thus begin
With guided words, not sleek or thin, 
And (maybe? ) a pattern to be. 



For I have one more thing to say, 
Alita's message cometh tomorrow or today 
LegolasPanther Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Greetings Tech, for I am there
On the chat thus fair and fair.
For you have many artistries,
The Panther will reveal its complexities....

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